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  1. 30 Oct 1812


    Bands of American renegade soldiers roam the Niagara Peninsula. They plunder the Loxley home killing Duke the family dog, and pistol-whipping William. An injured Aurora Loxley dies of a heart attack. Eliza takes over recording events in Aurora's journal. George runs away into the Canadian wilderness.

    • Aurora_loxley
    • Duke
    • Eliza_loxley
    • George_loxley
    • William_loxley
  2. 01 Nov 1812

    South Carolina

    Royal Navy blockades South Carolina.

  3. 02 Nov 1812


    About to fall to his death above a deep chasm, George is rescued by Firebrand. They decide to travel on together.

    • George_loxley
    • Firebrand
  4. 05 Nov 1812


    Matthew writes home of being recruited into the newly formed Green Tigers. Led by Lt. James Fitzgibbon, they are tasked with hunting down US renegades pillaging Canadian homes and families.

    • Matthew_loxley
  5. 09 Nov 1812

    Lake Ontario

    American naval ships skirmish with British ships in the Battle of Kingston Harbour

  6. 09 Nov 1812


    the Green Tigers discover the smoking ruins of a farm. Aided by their local knowledge, the unit tracks down the band of American renegades responsible. After Killing the outlaws Matthew discovers his family possessions amongst the booty and races home with minor provisions for his family.

    • Matthew_loxley
  7. 12 Nov 1812


    George and Firebrand come across American outlaws, scalped and impaled. A tactic used to dishearten American soldiers.

    • George_loxley
    • Firebrand
  8. 14 Nov 1812


    George spends the winter in Moravian Town with native youths and elders. They nickname him 'Little Pale-Face'.

    • George_loxley
    • Firebrand

About this Historic Timeline

Events during this important chapter in both Canda and The United States of America’s founding history are presented in this timeline to show how the politics and military actions affected the lives of people on both sides of the war.

18 June 1812

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In June 1812, The United states of America was becoming increasingly frustrated with Great Britain due to their continued support of native Indians against US expansion; impressment of US Sailors into the British fleet to help the war against France; and Britain’s persistent refusal to rescind Orders-of-Council (11 Nov 1807) that had restricted neutral trade in Europe and ultimately faced the US with an economic depresion.

President Madison signed a Declaration of War on 18th June 1812 against Great Britain.

Naval Strength

At the start of the war the US navy was still in it’s infancy and seemed no match to Great Britain’s formidable fleet. Even with Britain’s attention on Napoleon, the Royal Navy had a larger presence in North American waters.

However where the US navy lacked numbers, it made up for in its armoury and larger, heavy, seamingly impenetrable, hulls.

Early victories by the US Navy are attributed to these advantages over the Royal Navy. It is said that during the battle between USS Consitution and HMS Guerriere, as British shots bounced off Consitution’s side there was a shout "Huzzah! Her sides are made of iron!". A very convincing victory to the US and the nickname Old Ironsides was born.


Flag of the United States of America

James Madison

President ( 1809-1817 )

Andrew Jackson

Major General of the Tennessee Militia

Jacob Brown

Brigadier/Major General
Flag of the United Kingdom

Lord Liverpool

Prime Minister ( 1812-1827 )

George Prévost

Governor General and the military Commander in Chief

Isaac Brock

Major General, "The Hero of Upper Canada"

Battle of New Orleans

291 GB deaths to only 13 US

Though The Treaty of Ghent had been signed on 24 December 1814, the news took some time to reach the shores of the US.

Therefore the war ground on with the British suffering a staggering defeat at the Battle of New Orleans. The British death toll far exceeded that of the US with figures for the wounded and missing reaching similar comparisons.

The Loxleys

Loxley Category icon

The Loxleys and the War of 1812 is a story about one family caught up in the events that helped to define both Canada and America.

  • Aaron Loxley
  • Aurora Loxley
  • Duke
  • Eliza Loxley
  • Ellen Durand
  • Firebrand
  • George Loxley
  • Matthew Loxley
  • Pierre Durand
  • Rebecca Loxley
  • The Twins
  • Verity Loxley
  • William Loxley
  • Isaac Brock
  • Andrew Jackson

The Loxleys and the War of 1812

A historically accurate and beautifully illustrated 101 page color graphic novel about a Canadian family caught up in the war.

Accompanied by a 53 page summary of the war and it's implications for Canada and America including maps and illustrations.

A Canadian family living in the Niagara peninsula is torn apart by the American invasion of Canada in 1812, and the subsequent war that raged across both countries as British troops, Canadian militia, and First Nation warriors sought to thwart the expansionist plans of the American government.

The story follows the characters through key historical events as they deal with the realities of war on their doorstep, the personal loss, setbacks and victories tied into the conflict

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Released in Hardback and digital editions in April 2012

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